Terms of Payment


Terms of Payment

All fees are payable on the day of your visit, by INTERAC, VISA, MASTERCARD, CASH OR CHEQUE.

It will be our pleasure to handle your claim with your dental insurance company via e-mail, for claims or payments (see terms).

Direct insurance claims

Our computer system enables us to handle your claim directly with your insurance company so that you can receive your refund in a timelier manner without the hassle of filling out and mailing any forms. With this system, you will be refunded by your insurance company within 7 days.

Direct Insurance Payments

Our patients with dental coverage managed by the ESI Group can simply pay the portion that is not covered by their insurance company.

  • Industrial Alliance
  • SSQ

In addition, our practice is a member of Réseau Dentaide which also provides access to direct payments from your insurance company.

  • Médic Construction
  • Desjardins
  • Capitale

DENTOPLAN, an interesting option!

At the Centre dentaire Patricia Skaf, we wanted to make dental care accessible to our patients by joining a financing program. With Dentoplan, you can get all your treatments done when necessary and spread out your payments over several months. You simply need to meet our resource-person who will be happy to discuss the possibilities available to you, assess your insurance plan if necessary, determine your series of appointments and then take all the administrative measures for you.