What is CEREC technology?

The term CEREC is a combination of the words REConstruction and CERamic. This technology is used to make dental crowns, inlays and dental veneers entirely out of ceramic and this, in just one appointment.

Doctor Skaf begins by removing your defective restoration and then, using a 3D camera, she takes an optical print of your tooth and creates your new dental crown on the computer screen, right before your eyes. The image is then transmitted to our robotic milling room, where a block of ceramic will be molded into your new tooth. Finally, for an even more aesthetically pleasing, natural look, the new tooth undergoes a treatment that gives it its own personalized, nuanced shade, resulting in a true work of art. And all this is done in one single appointment!

The many advantages of ceramic restoration:

  • One of the most resistant types of restoration on the market to date
  • BIOCOMPATIBLE with the entire human body, contains no metal or mercury
  • Ceramic has the same physical properties as dental enamel
  • Naturally aesthetic, compares to none
  • Eliminates sensitivity often associated with white fillings, being dimensionally stable like a natural tooth


Here is what the CEREC technology can do for you:

  • No traditional prints taken
  • No more temporary dental crowns, which risk disintegrating
  • Just one visit, saving you time
  • Provides immediate and lasting comfort


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