Dental jewellery


Dental jewellery

For some time now, dental jewellery is an increasingly popular accessory in Quebec. More aesthetic and less aggressive than tattoos and piercings, you can sport an attractive and glittering smile in just a few minutes without harming your teeth.

Glued to your tooth’s enamel with just a touch of composite, it is possible for you to remove it or change its colour as often as you like. There is no visible trace once it has been removed!

At the Centre dentaire Patricia Skaf, we offer a selection among a line of different and delicate colours, just as you would choose to wear your own personalised piece of jewellery (e.g.: a Swarovski crystal). We then glue it with our safe and professional products, while ensuring hygiene measures have been met.

One simple call is all it takes. We will be happy to answer your questions and to schedule an appointment for you with one of our hygienists…